Friday, March 4, 2011

A Letter From Scott Elliott

We’re now only a couple weeks from the first performances of MARIE AND BRUCE, and I wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with how it’s going.   
Marisa Tomei and Frank Whaley are playing the title couple, and if you’ve followed them like I have over the years, you know they’re both whip-smart and incredibly brave actors. It’s been one of those joys as a director to get to see them work on the alternately vicious and searching scenes that they have in this story. You could describe this play as a vision of marriage as an existential black hole; it’s one hell of an emotional ride, and with these two it’s terrifyingly funny, and moving.

And wait till you see the supporting cast. We have fabulous New Group alums Cindy Katz from Mike Leigh’s Two Thousand Years, Alok Tewari and Allison Wright from Ayun Khan-Din’s Rafta, Rafta…, and Adam Trese from Deborah Breevort’s The Women of Lockerbie, alongside the equally amazing Tina Benko, Russell G. Jones, and Devin Ratray making their New Group debuts.  They all appear as people at a dinner party attended by Marie and Bruce – and you’ve never seen a party like this before.

I’m so happy that The New Group has become the home for Wally Shawn’s electrifying and dangerous work. This will be our fourth production of Wally’s plays, and each one has been such an awesome experience.  I hope you’ll come visit with Marie and Bruce.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  See you there!


Scott Elliott

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