Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Gretchen Mol: I think what it was is that I had just started working on the show Boardwalk Empire—and it's been such a great experience. It’s so much bigger than anything I can ever do or even bring to it. Especially with having Martin Scorsese, and everyone else who is involved. Then I got the script for The Good Mother. I read it and thought it was amazing. It really drove me to take the role. I really wanted something that would require the use of my entire being. 

What I found working on it is that the script is a pretty strong skeleton; the script is a very strong piece. The director, Scott Elliott, has been doing this for a while, and he knew what he was doing. I get so many different reactions from people who have seen it—family, friends. It’s been a great thing, and I am exhausted, but it’s good.

CR: Do you think you will do theater again?

GM: Yes, and next time I won’t be as afraid as I was this time around. For actresses, theater is always a place where there are endless strong roles. It’s just not the same with television. I see it as an investment for my future. They keep the door open for you; there will always be parts there. A lot of the actors on Boardwalk do theater, and it’s good to keep those muscles going.

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